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Baccarat - Punto Banco

Baccarat was originally James Bond's favourite game but in the modern David Craig version of Casino Royale it seems to have changed to Texas Hold em. At a Baccarat table you bet on the player, the banker (house - casino) or a tie. It's almost a coin flip type punt so similar to a red and black bet on Roulette. The player and banker each draw 2 cards and the face card numbers are added to togehter, (J, Q and K = 0 and Ace's are 1's) and any units of 10 are dropped. With the two cards being 7 and 5 these are added together that makes 12, drop the ten and we get a score of 2. The winner is whoever is closest to 9 but things do not end there. There are fairly complicated rules about drawing a 3rd card so we recommend Fun or Home Casino games simplify as follows. If the score is 8 or 9 (this is called a natural 8 or nautral 9) you do not deal any more cards but if less than these numbers a 3rd card is dealt and added to the sum. That is all there is to it, Player and Banker are usually paid even and ties get paid 8 to 1.
Mini Baccarat Baize 190 x 112cm Light Green
Mini Baccarat Baize 190 x 112cm Light Green
Price: £25.00
Weight: 1,419g
Stock: 1
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